How to make an end of the world survival kit gag gift

Kit instructions. You can customize depending on your items inside kit.

Print a custom '2013 Mayan Calendar' to cut and paste on front of calendar.

Google image and print a traditional Mayan calendar. I printed 12 and pasted over every month.

Put the rain poncho and mask in a plastic sandwich bag. Print labels and tape on baggie.

This could also work well with Twinkies if you happen to have any.

Head lamp purchased from dollar store.


Jumbo puzzle book

Envelope with 'Plan B' on it. You'll put lotto tickets inside or gift card.

Lotto tickets.

Place all items in a box. I lined the bottom of the box with ripped up newspaper.

Print and place kit instructions on top of items.

Wrap box in caution tape for added flare.

Watch the video: HOW TO SURVIVE THE END OF THE WORLD! iJustine (January 2022).