How to do santa and misc. christmas nails

Paint a thick red line on your cuticle line

Take a dotting tool and dot across the line

Add two small black dots as his eyes

Add white

Start with two white dots which will be the top of his mustache


Take a Striper or toothpick and draw from the top ad bottom if the dot to your far right (my left)

You can see the angle here

Fill in

Add the same in the opposite side

I added a punk nose per a friends request ^_^

Now add a Red nail with a black tip

Take a dotting tool or toothpick and dot the center right of the nail

Same thing in center left

Add 3 black dots ( I should have went larger) :)

Add a gold buckle :)

Add a red diagonal line

Two smaller lines in each side

Then at the corners add two large thick lines

On the Christmas wish list on the far left I just allowed a friend to do black swqigglys to look like handwriting :) and did a holographic thumb to represent snow :)

Watch the video: How To: 3D Santa Nail Art. Acrylic Nail Tutorial. Beginner Nail Tech. Not Polish (January 2022).