How to make panko scallopine

Use fresh Turkey scallopine. Remove from package and give Turkey fillets a rinse under water.

Panko by Progresso is the only brand I prefer because of its rich lemon taste. Open Panko and spread evenly on a flat surface or plate.

Using 1 large egg, scramble in a bowl and add milk, then stir until fully mixed.

Place turkey 1 at a time in the milk egg mixture, then over top of Panko mixture. Coat evenly on both sides pressing firmly into turkey.

In a shallow frying pan on medium heat, add oil and fillets. They cook quickly (approx 3-5 min per side) or until you reach desired crispiness.

Meat is fully cooked when no more pink is present. During the cooking process you may need to add oil if it gets absorbed.

Once cooked place fillets on a paper towel to soak up any remaining oil. Serve Panko Scaloppine with a side of Herbed Rice and Greek Salad.

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