How to taste-periment with veggie salad

Blanced your veggies on a plate / bowl.

Add in some unsalted butter on top. I know I know olive oil is better that butter :P but just like I mentioned earlier, do the tasteperiment coz it's fun :)

Spinkle some sea salt. I use the one with flavor: lime-celery for lil bit of tangy kick

Sprinkle some ground black pepper. About 0.5 tsp

Sprinkle some dried parsley. Fresh minced parsley is better :)

Drizzled some honey. About 1 tbsp. Put in a microwave until the butter is softened, approx. 3-5 mnts on high

Garnish with walnuts. Ummmm smells so buttery and yummy ...:) dont be afraid to do the food and tastepriment. Never give up on your veggies :) enjoy

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