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Radio: Unclogging Gutters

When clogged gutters overflow, they can get so heavy that they pull the gutters loose and rot your home's trim and siding. In cold climates, they can eventually cause ice dams on the roof that force water inside the house. Even if your gutter doesn't fill to overflowing each season, leaving decaying debris in there is an invitation to carpenter ants and mosquitos.

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There are lots of ways to clean gutters. You can find inventions like tongs on an extension pole, shop vacuums with gutter nozzles, or even a remote-controlled gutter-running robot. But most methods involve getting on a ladder, so if you're not comfortable on one, you're better off hiring a pro.

If you're doing it yourself, wear gloves, a dust mask, and safety goggles. Scoop the debris into a garbage bag with a garden trowel, then rinse toward the downspout with a high-pressure nozzle on your hose and scrub it clean. Next, clear clogged downspouts with a hose or auger.

When it rains, mark any leaks with a china marker so you can make repairs when it's dry.

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